Cindy Cast

"Brigid Prio came highly recommended. The recommendation was glowing and provided several examples of her professionalism, knowledge and outstanding track record.

She was a professional from the first encounter to the last. She truly demonstrated all the characteristics you search for in a realtor and much more.

She did an outstanding job explaining the process and providing details of every step. She was always available and dedicated the time needed to get the job done. She not only made the process a wonderful experience but she did an exceptional job getting the best offer for the property. Her skills in staging, advertising, and negotiating were incredible. The team that took videos and pictures were also amazing. They were able to capture the unique aspects of the property and made it SHINE. Then when Brigid put it all together with her descriptions the property was SOLD in a blink of the eye.

Brigid Prio went above any expectation and she found solutions to every item that arose. She was extremely personable and made every process go smoothly. She is a remarkable person, a true professional and an asset to have in your corner."

Meredith Birrittella
Brigid Prio was professional, knowledgeable, caring, genuine, and trustworthy throughout the entire process. She made it seem effortless. She is incredibly knowledgeable of the market and was helpful in all aspects of the sale. It was a pleasure working with Brigid from day one. In fact, I would work with Brigid again in a heartbeat and would recommend Brigid to anyone considering selling their home! She makes you feel like you are the only client in the world by giving you her full attention at all times.


Bob Katon

My experience with Brigid was wonderful! My wife was is dying of Alzheimer's. Brigid said you take care of your wife and I will sell your home and find you a place to live ,near your wife's nursing home. Brigid said I have a client that will buy your home and all we need to to is find you a place to rent. Brigid sold our home that day! We looked at apartments near the nursing home. We went through what I needed from the house. Brigid took care of the sale, the rental of the apartment, the closing of the house and moved me into the apartment. Brigid is wonderful!

Bob & Joanne Katon


Francine Powers


To put it simply, Brigid Prio is an extraordinary realtor. We hired Brigid to market and sell our house in 2017, and we could not have been more satisfied with her high level of expertise, professionalism, integrity, depth of knowledge and downright hard work, in the manner in which she represented us. This was the home in which we had lived for 29 years, and choosing the right realtor was of utmost importance. I knew several other realtors who we gave consideration to, but none of them gave us the comfort level that we were looking for, in knowing that our property would be given the attention necessary to really obtain the right buyer. Brigid was very knowledgeable about our North Palmetto Bay neighborhood, and was able to highlight all of the features of our home that made it unique, and made it a property which compared very favorably to other listings. On each occasion that the property was shown to potential buyers or other realtors, she showed the property herself, arriving well-before the start time to ensure that all details at the house were in order, air conditioning set to the right temperature, lights on etc. These details make such a difference for a successful showing and they cannot be underestimated! Brigid was also present for the appraisal and inspection processes. She had information on all of the relevant comparables in the area, and was successful in selling at our desired price. We had recently retired, and were moving out of the United States to build a house in the Caribbean, and I'm happy to say that as we have just broken ground for construction, there is an immense sense of gratitude in the fact that our Palmetto Bay property yielded the right price to make this next phase comfortably possible. Approximately twelve months after selling our home, we again hired Brigid to list and market our rented townhouse in Miami. On this occasion, because we were now residing outside of the US, she was extremely helpful in taking care of so many details in getting the house staged and ready to be marketed in our absence. It was listed in October of 2018, and within four days of being listed and shown, we received an offer at full price for the property! What more can I say? It is really such a pleasure to know and to offer high recommendation to Brigid. She really is extraordinary.


Fred Garvett


A complicated transaction went smoothly only through the full court press of Brigid, who kept the transaction on the tracks, and moving forward. Brigid did far more than simply introduce a Buyer and Seller. Brigid made the transaction happen. Brigid worked through many complications in the transaction. Brigid kept the various attorneys, closing agent, and parties all very well informed and all moving in the same direction. In short, Brigid is not a typical broker. Brigid is a super star. And, this observation is from an attorney who has practiced law for over 35 years and intersects with realtors on a weekly basis.


Lourdes Lurigados


We have our dream house because of Brigid! She was professional, strategic and knowledgeable from day one through closing day. She sold our existing home for top dollar and secured our current home. We were lucky to have her on our side!


Yami Rives-Gonzalez


The Miami housing market is highly competitive and therefore makes it challenging to buy a home. I searched unsuccessfully for two years before meeting Brigid Prio. By the time we started working together, I was beat up by the process and was a bit impatient. Brigid was the best remedy for my family's need to find a new home! She was kind, knowledgeable, professional and astute. Her experience made a world of difference throughout the process, resulting in a happy ending!


Dennis Scott-

Brigid Prio far surpasses the required efforts. She is the best Realtor I have ever seen. I have never witnessed anyone go out of their way for you as much as she did. We would not have had an easy and smooth transaction without her efforts.



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